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Briefly about Tesla Purple Plates

Welcome to the pages of website about Tesla purple plates – one of the greatest inventions in the field of alternative medicine,

sold in over 50 million copies in the world.

Nikola Tesla in laboratory

This little “miracles” – Tesla purple plates – bring many benefits for numerous health issues and it is really difficult to list all benefits you can receive when using the plates. The maker of Tesla purple plates is Ralph Bergstresser, Tesla’s friend for many years, who even more than 40 years ago, following Tesla’s instructions created the first plate and the world fell in love with it right away. Linda Goodman, one of most famous mystiques and astrologists of the previous century, expressed her great thrill while using Tesla’s plates many times. Even in her book “Star signs”, she wrote a large piece of text about what can plates do for you.

Tesla plate is purple color, and there are several good reasons for that. The first one is that the purple color is the healing part of the rainbow spectrum. The second one is that pineal gland in the brain that supervises the functioning of all other endocrine glands is purple in color. Besides, almost any person that has an interest in bioenergy will favor the color. Numerous tests were conducted regarding Tesla purple plates, with various devices and those tests always confirmed the positive effect on human organism, plants, and animals. If you carry the plate with you all the time – you are constantly increasing your personal frequency and maintain it on higher levels. Also, users place it under the bottle with water, under groceries and report that groceries and water taste different.

From some personal experiences, and also from experience of other users we can say that Tesla purple plate gives the best effects when kept near the heart (Like Tesla Purple disc). In that case, almost instantaneously, you feel calm, relaxed. We can list larger number of people whose treatment was accelerated, wounds healed quickly, pain gone and the overall state of the organism was drastically improved.

We can also list some of the states for which Tesla purple plates and discs are extremely helpful: anxiety, alcoholism, arthritis, eczema, sciatica, headache, cramps, nausea, sprains, various pain, insomnia, burns…

The goals of Tesla plate and disc are to bring more life energy to whomever uses it (Prana, Chi, cosmic energy) and speed up inherit ability for self healing. The manufacturing process of plates alters the atomic and crystalline structure of the material and that is how these plates are harmonized with the basic frequency and vibration of the Universe.

Tesla plate acts like an antenna for tachyons – particles that travel faster than light, of which Tesla often talked about and emphasized that they can be of great importance for mankind. In that way treatment is speeded up on many levels and it is not surprising that millions of users in the world gave their trust to Tesla purple plate. Some of the users never separate from them and cannot imagine their life before they got their own plate.

Tesla purple plates energy

We invite you to look if you will the pages of this website, to find something interesting for you, and if you like this story regarding these small “cosmic’’ wonders – become the user of Tesla Purple Plate or/and Tesla Purple disk.

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