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How are our Tesla Plates manufactured?

The manufacturing process of Tesla Purple Plates and discs is described here. In essence, everyone can make Tesla plate or disc if he/she know the steps that need to be honored in the manufacturing process, although that is not cost effective in household conditions, and can also be dangerous.

 1. Cleaning and polishing

Aluminum plates are soaked in boiling hot water and cleaned from grease and impurities. Washing is done with distilled water, and after that it is soaked in containers with soda and nitric acid.

2. Anodizing

Tesla Purple plates are made from aluminum, because aluminum had a regular mesh structure. Our Tesla plates and discs are made from pure aluminum marked Al 99,5. On the market there are various types of aluminum such as Al Mg1, Al Mg 2, Al Mg3… Those are all aluminum alloys, but Tesla plate gives best effects when it is made from aluminum marked with Al 99,5.

Anodizing begins in sulfuric acid and lasts about 40 minutes to an hour – it all depends on the thickness of the protective layer of oxide that we want to create. DC current is passed through the solution and creates the crystalline layer, whose thickness is about 20 microns. Our Tesla Plates are manufactured according to European standards and differences are +/- 10% of ideal 20 microns. Color is added to the solution and its shade depends on time and strength of the current we pass through plates.

Anodizing Tesla Purple Plate

3. Electrochemical coloring of aluminum

Electrochemical coloring is done after the anodizing and its layer should be from 70 to 80 microns. This process is also in accordance with European standards and the quality can be seen on first sight. Such plates are smooth to the touch and more resistant to UV rays, scratches and damages. In any case, expiration date for Tesla plates and discs is unlimited.

The SUNNY series is painted with a special no-toxic antibacterical varnish with inside powder of silver, an exclusivity in all the world.

In the end, men and women will see quite a few benefits from using these purple plates. With an attention to detail, individuals can find widely varying uses for the items. They can expect to enjoy good moods and excellent health for the foreseeable future. In a few short days, friends and family members will want to join the action.

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