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Radiesthesia testing of Tesla Purple plate and disc

Radiesteshia research of Tesla purple plate and disc

Short resime – Mr. Franja Bosnjak

Born in 1964 in Sombor (Serbia), where he went to school and grew up. Entrepreneur by profession has a family owned farm where he lives. All this would be an ordinary life story if only Mr. Franja Bosnjak does not have a unusual hobby or let’s say a gift. Always in contact with nature, in his childhood he came in contact with radiesthesia. His mother had a gift and used a plumb shaped like a ring.

First steps in radiesthesia

“When I was young I didn’t have much interest in radiesthesia”, he says, “…but as my mother aged, I slowly began to grow interest in it. For many years it was able to perfect my work with this amazing tool.”

And that is how family tradition was continued, by spending everydays time with a plumb.

“During my work, I had the chance to see hundreds of apartments, houses, business spaces… The most important is where people sleep. Those are mostly places without major negative influences. Sometimes it’s enough to just move the bed a few centimeters to avoid potential health problems”.

Testing Tesla Purple plate and disc

Like all researchers who seek the truth, I found a lot of devices, necklaces, jewelry, and anything else that is meant to improve the quality of life. One of those inventions was Tesla Purple Plate. “Truth to be told – that was love at first sight and I impatiently wanted to test its effects. In cooperation with Jovan from Novi Sad, we conducted measurements.

Measuring anode layer-thickness of anode coating

I have to mention that before we met I had no idea what is anode coating, or that it is measured in microns. While measuring, we received the result of 22,2 microns for Large purple plate and Tesla purple disc, and anode layer on Tesla purple plate was 22,3 microns. Jovan explained to me that anodizing was conducted according to European standards and in average it is 20 microns in manufacturing (+/- 10%) . Amazing – the result is almost identical to factory settings.

Measuring the strength of effect in comparison to years

We wanted to measure how long do all products can act with 100% strength. The plumb showed that result of 450 years, without reduction in strength. In essence, 450 years Tesla purple plate and disc will be effective as on the first day.

Measuring the field of effect

We came up with an idea that it would be smart to measure the field of effect, that is, the radius in which Tesla purple plates and disc have any effect. Of course, the closer we are to the plate, the stronger the effect is and the plumb rotates faster and faster.

Measurement results:

Tesla purple plate – up to 4 meters in radius

Small Tesla purple plate – up to 3 meters in radius

Tesla purple disc – up to 1,5 meters in radius

Measurements of inductive magnetic field

By measuring we discovered that all products produce about 23mT (micro Tesla) inductive magnetic field which of course increases if we have more plates in the immediate vicinity. Tesla’s purple plate is a tachyon product, but there are still no instruments that could measure the amount or density of tachyons that are in the field of Tesla plates or disc. Magnetic therapy is recognized as an alternative treatment method, but in the case of those treatments you should be very careful because the effect of the magnet has undesirable effects on certain people.

Tesla Purple plate creates a subtle (absolutely harmless) magnetic field, and spiritual (immeasurable) energies that it brings we are only beginning to discover. Tesla himself said that science will advance in 10 years as it did in all these centuries when it starts to study immaterial occurrences.

“Tesla purple plate is one of the best, if not the best product I ever had the chance to use….”

Bosnjak said

A little more information’s about Mr. Franjo Bosnjak


He is a respected and valued member of several associations, which he did not want to name at this time (I personally saw a number of membership cards), because he thinks that people are still not ready to know more about that.

Apart from radiesthesia, he also practices bioenergy; he has strong radiation which everyone he worked with had the chance to feel. He has a degree from a well known biotherapist Zdenko Domancic.

He also has an interest for bio dynamic agriculture, manufacture of healthy food without pesticides, expensive artificial fertilizers and additives.

Radiesteshia research of Tesla purple plate and disc 2
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