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Tesla Purple Plate – Scientific research (Australia / France)

Over 100 people participated in testing in Brisbane (Australia) clinical center and they were all exposed to electromagnetic radiation. These bio energy tests showed that test subjects, in the presence of Tesla plates, returned to their source (natural) state. Tests also showed an increase or reduction of bio energy in certain places, and that tells us that the body is returning to balance and increases the ability to heal and renew cells.


To confirm these tests, the following devices were used:


  • Kirlian diagnostic photography (Russia), Aura photography (USA)
  • Micro-capillary microscope (China), Acutec Ryodoraku (Australia)
  • Prgnos (Germany), EEG, ECG, Infrared thermometer
Tesla Purple Plates scientific research 1
Tesla Purple Plates scientific research 2

Scientifical research of Tesla Purple plates in France

right 4-th finger of human hand

Before use:
Tesla Purple Plates scientific research 1 France
After 45 min.:
Tesla Purple Plates scientific research 2 France

Individuals who are desperately seeking to realign their energy lines will want to move forward with an action plan at once. With a rigorously crafted Tesla purple plates that are designed to subtly rearrange the ions that are in the air and the body, men and women can look forward to quite a bit of success. Once they begin to feel better about their place in life, they can move ahead with plans to enjoy their family and friends as they always wanted to.

Note: This research does not claim any healing effects, but when the person is in a positive energy field the process of cell regeneration is sped up. As we already mentioned in the instructions, Tesla Purple Plate and disc are not replacements for classical healing methods, but additional means that help to maintain the energy at a high level. Tesla purple plates and Tesla purple discs are not approved by FDA, and as we know for more than 40 years – Tesla purple plates and discs are one of the most popular remedies in the field of alternative (holistic) medicine.

*source - Bedford Tech
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