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The truth about Tesla Purple Plate

Considering that we often encounter inaccurate information on the internet regarding numerous themes (including Tesla plates), we have the need to reveal the real truth – with undisputable facts that point to all questions and doubts regarding Tesla purple plates.

The creation of Tesla purple plates

There are no precise informations about when was Tesla purple plate created, but we know that it was in 1971. In the 40’s of the previous century the creator of Tesla purple plate Ralph Bergstresser met Nikola Tesla. They became friends and Bergstresser was a frequent guest in Tesla’s laboratory. After Tesla’s death, Ralph Bergstresser studied for the next 28 years how currents of certain frequencies influence certain materials and reached a discovery that strong low frequency currents, passed through aluminum, create and antenna and transmitter from aluminum for cosmic energy. He reached the conclusion that a strong tachyon field is created (tachyon-hypothetical particle faster than light) which cures, speeds up the process of cell regeneration and spiritual growth. Afterwards colored in purple color (healing part of rainbow spectrum), he created the first purple plate. Considering that Tesla thought him practically everything regarding electricity, Bergstresser gave it its popular name – Tesla purple plate, as a sign of gratitude to Nikola Tesla.

Something about production of Tesla purple plates

On our website, on this page, you can read about how Tesla purple plate is manufactured. Regarding dimensions of Tesla purple plate, they are completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if Tesla plate is 3 x 3 cm or 30 x 30cm. That is anodized aluminum which is harmonized by manufacturing process with basic cosmic energy and the size is completely irrelevant, but we have to emphasize that the larger the dimensions of the plate the stronger the effect, which is logical. Ralph Bergstresser never said that Tesla plates need to have strictly defined dimensions.

Truth about Tesla purple plate
Truth about Tesla purple plate 2

Some manufacturers claim that according to “Tesla’s documentation” plates need to be certain dimensions in order to have effect. How is that possible, since “Tesla’s documentation” about dimensions and production of purple plates don’t exist, considering that Tesla purple plate was created over 40 years ago after Tesla’s death based on years of research done by Ralph Bergstresser, who constructed the first purple plate and called it “Tesla” purple plate as a sign of gratitude to Tesla?

Another question deserves attention. On the package of the same manufacturer, even from 1994. states that “the author and first user of the purple plate was Nikola Tesla himself”. We have to ask ourselves – How is this possible if we know that creator of Tesla Purple Plates was Ralph Bergstresser since 1971., and we also know that Tesla was found dead in hotel room 7-th of January, 1943. ?

About testing and research of Tesla purple plate   

All research and certificates have certain expiration date and they need to be renewed after a period of time. Regarding Tesla plates, we feel that no further testing and research need to be conducted, but fine, further testing can only confirm the effectiveness of the product. On our website we published scientific tests conducted in clinic in Australia, France and radiesthesia test that we conducted in Serbia.

Clinical and scientific studies were conducted in Australia and France, where the effect of Tesla plate was proven. Today, everyone can manufacture (if they know the steps) Tesla plate and prove its positive effect and if you make it using the same manufacturing procedure, each plate will be good and have the same effect. Clinical, scientific or any other research can be paid and asked to be conducted and we guarantee that you will get positive results. But, some manufacturers claim that only their Tesla purple plate is original, and the truth is that there are several dozens of manufacturers in the world and they all use the same manufacturing process. Most manufacturers have not tested the effect of Tesla purple plate and disc, because they manufacture it for years using the same principle.

Also, all testing does not have anything to do with originality of Tesla plate, and Ralph Bergstresser never tested Tesla plate, he already knew it works. Besides, we believe that such a good and moral man would never in under any circumstances manufacture something that is not effective to deceive people. On the other hand, Linda Goodman, probably the most popular mystique and astrologist of the 20th century stated numerous unbelievable facts about Tesla purple plates and in her books, and at that time Tesla plate was not tested. You can read some of her statements on the internet (mostly American websites) where she does not hide her fascination with Tesla purple plates.

About manufacture of Tesla purple plate and Tesla purple disc

Some people claim that Tesla purple plates must not be punctured. Several dozen manufacturers of Tesla purple plate and disc in the world manufactures various shapes of Tesla purple plate (Tesla purple disc, Tesla plate in the form of an angel, pendant for house pets…) and we are sure that none of them would manufacture and “puncture” those products if they thought that they will have the same effect as Tesla purple plate. Users sometimes use their drills to create holes in Tesla plate without any fear that they will diminish the effect of the plate, cause atomic structure of the plate will not change, since Tesla purple plate is a tachyon product which is harmonized with energy of the universe regardless of the shape of the plate. We claim that even if you break Tesla plate in several pieces (which is almost impossible), every piece will remain harmonized with comic energy and have a positive effect.

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Is Tesla purple plate patented?

The question arises about the patent of Tesla purple plate. The maker of Tesla plate, Ralph Bergstresser never wanted to patent Tesla purple plate. That means that no one is forbidden to patent it. All it takes it to apply to Office for intellectual property of certain country and the matter is solved. Also, some other manufacturer can alter the dimension of the plate for a millimeter and patent it like that. But just as certain people compete over Tesla’s urn and want to take in the church of Sveti Sava in Belgrade, others compete over Tesla plate and claim it as their own, but in fact, the truth is that it is the product of Ralph Bergstresser. Our opinion is that it is moral and human to patent your own product, not someone else’s. But again, the law allows it and there is also the question of time, who will think of doing that first. This is a marketing trick, because patent has a certain ring to it, but in general people are not informed on how easy it is to patent something, even Tesla purple plate.

Therefore: The inventor of Tesla plate, Ralph Bergstresser never wanted to patent Tesla purple plate because of the reason: to create a plate of Tesla it is necessary to apply a natural physical effect; for this reason it is impossible to patent the plate of Tesla by anyone. There are some other manufacturers that compete over Tesla plate and claim it as their own, but this is not the truth. Anyone claiming to own the original Tesla Purple Plate is committing an abuse.

Color of Tesla purple plate

Shades of purple color of Tesla purple plate are also not important as well as dimensions of the plate. The only thing that is important is that it is one of the shades of purple color spectrum and positive effect will follow. As everything that progresses and becomes modern, Tesla purple plates now have a smooth surface, by using new technologies. Such plates are more resistant to external influences and scratches, UV rays and the price of manufacturing them is higher than Tesla plates that have rough surface.

This is the truth about creation, manufacture and other questions regarding Tesla purple plate.

If you have any additional questions, we are at your disposal.

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