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With YOU as a reseller, your local customers can save expensive bank and shipping charges, and even more –

They can get their TESLA PURPLE PLATES in 1-2 days with fast shipping.

Let’s make a better future together!

Let’s be serious: we receive some hundreds of requests for week; please read all this page and look the next yellow area accurately.

About the reseller option
If you have a shop or an ecommerce, you can contact us for specific conditions, but before read all this page. As a reseller – you have to purchase a minimum order at the time you want and purchase obligations at the next.

Please, contact us only if you have a shop or something similar.

  THE PATENT: The inventor of Tesla plate, Ralph Bergstresser never wanted to patent it. There are some other manufacturers that compete over Tesla plate and claim it as their own, but the truth is that it is the product of Ralph Bergstresser. Our opinion is that it is moral and human to patent your own product, not someone else’s. Anyone claiming to own the original Tesla Purple Plate is committing an abuse.

We offer outstanding discounts and amazing conditions for resellers!

We also offer customer support, where we have a very powerful marketing system which directs all people from your country to contact you about products and sales. We can give you all advices about our marketing plan and strategy, which you can use to advertize products in your country with small investments and great success. We are here for you!

We all know that Google and Facebook are the biggest companies today. With their marketing tools, we can make top quality ads for our products. The World is becoming digital, and we should use that information for our success. As a distributor, you will get and know all we know about advertising Tesla Purple Plates and Tesla Purple Discs, and how to make special offers and great deals for your customers, even the prices in your own currency! We take care of our distributors and we make sure that the we are all happy and cooperative.

If you are interested, you can contact us trough this contact form and we will reply as soon as possible but


Each day we receive a lot of requests and because of this we ask for your collaboration.

About THE RESELLER: You can be a reseller if you have a shop (physically or e-commerce, not on Amazon). You can be an exclusive distributor if you require exclusive rights only for you to sell the products in your country. If you require information about RESELLER, send us your name, your last name, your activity for similar products in your country: present your Company!

Look: when you will be a reseller, each minimum required purchase is 5o0 euro with reseller discount and the first order must be 1.500 euro. Annual purchase depende by population of your country, but never less 5.000 euro.

If you are interested – contact us and we will send you tables with conditions and discounts.

Let’s be serious: NEVER we will answer at requests if the sender has not tested our products (iKinesy and 3 items for each series -Sunny and Mirror- of plates) yet; for this reason AFTER THE TEST-PURCHASE (at full price) in your request’s mail send us the number of the order where our plates has been tested before. We receive some hundreds of this requests for week; for this reason we will not make reply at mail if inside your request ther’s not the “test” order number. Before purchase all products, please require us if your shop is enable for be an our reseller.

Let’s make a better future together!

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