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Important Information About Tesla Plates

More info on Tesla Purple Plates

Every living thing around us is in constant vibration. This is why Nikola Tesla came up with and idea for Ralph Bergstresser to invent Tesla plates to alter the vibrations that are constantly around us. If the vibrations become too strong or not strong enough, human organs are affected and it can even lead to sickness. Tesla plates, which are made of aluminum, are designed to stop this negative energy from harming you.

all production sunnyThey are believed to be the remedy for all the negative energy in the environment. This energy, which refers to the vibrations in everything around us, are especially from electronic devices such as computers and phones. Supporters of this technology believe that if the plates are placed tactically around a home or even a vehicle, they counteract the negative energy (electromagnetic radiation) in the environment.

Tesla plates come in a variety of colors, all of which serve a specific purpose. However, the Tesla purple plate is the most popular one and it is designed to modify the negative energy around people and therefore keeping people safe. It is said to promote healing processes in the human body on all levels as well as discharging and preventing any bodily blockages.

These gadgets are growing in popularity because the environment grows unhealthier as time passes by. The electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere as well as electromagnetic fields are becoming a growing concern because they are resulting in more diseases and general poor health of the masses. Geopathic stress is another issue that people can no longer ignore; it involves the power lines with high voltage and fluorescent lighting among others.

Nikola Tesla invented the technology that is the foundation for Tesla plates and discs because he knew that eventually electricity would have negative effects on the human body. Tesla plates do not use any form of electricity or magnetism. This makes them the effective tool for counterbalancing the effects of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields. When strategically placed, they keep people safe from negative vibes.

In addition to counteracting negative energy, users also apply these products for other bodily problems such as migraines and any other pain. They are not designed for any medical use; however, users claim to have received relief by use of the products. Additionally, there is no evidence that supports the claim that this product can cause any harm medical or otherwise to humans.

They are also used for treatment of burned areas. Supporters believe that once the skin is burned, the usual vibrational frequency of the tissue in the burned area is changed. Nevertheless, once the Tesla plate is placed near the burned area, it enables the skin to return to its regular vibration frequency. Therefore, it decreases the pain while quickening the healing process.

The product provides the solution for those can feel the discomfort caused by excessive EMFs in the atmosphere. Some claim to feel the vibrations from the Tesla plates while others do not. It is cost effective because one only needs to buy it once and it will serve you for life.

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