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Leg Tesla Plate Disk 10cm with antebacterical varnish - Made in Italy
Packaging Leg Tesla Plate Disk 10cm with antebacterical varnish - Made in Italy

Disk 10 cm LEG SUNNY Antibacterical Tesla Purple Plate


LEG SUNNY Tesla Disc 10 cm with antibacterical varnish – (3.93 in) in diameter

This is a new and exlusive international production: is painted with a special and elegant glittered varnish and with a second level of antibacterical varnish with silver. See description below…

SKU: 9500000053279-disk10

Product Description

Made in Italy, our plates are produced by our supplier with an esperience of +30 years. This serie SUNNY is varnished with 2 levels of varnishes; the first level is the purple color with inox glitter; the second level is a italian alimentary transparent varnish with powder of silver for an antibacterical effect: it’s a special worldwide exclusive. Beware of imitations.


Life Energy Generator

walking on energy

Tesla Purple Disc 10 cm is worn around the neck in most cases, although users often place it on acupunctural points on the body (painful areas) and in that way achieve the effect of Chinese traditional medicine. You can use this device for care your food on the table, in the fridge, under the dog or cat’s sheath.

It can be also put underneat glass of water to energize it. It is important to be worn as much as possible, cause it speeds up spiritual growth. This is most elegant device, you will see nice reflex from it.

With the item: english user guide, aluminium hologram L.E.G on the package and L.E.G. brand printed to impression on the plate:

LEG certification

LEG certification

Beware of imitations.