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Kinesiology Autotester
Packagin and user manual of Kinesiology AutotesterMade in Italy

Kinesiology Autotester


Kinesiology autotester, no battery, autotester, always selfwork.

The iKINESY kinesiological autotester is MADE IN ITALY and consists of two cylinders that slide one inside the other thanks to a spring that contrasts them and an O-ring that serves acts as an indicator of scale measurement.
In fact, there where the O-ring has stopped on the small cylinder, the internal one, that one is the measure of the moment.

The User manual is in 6 languages: english, italian, french, spanish, russian and germany.

For other see later in PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

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Product Description

The APPLIED KINESIOLOGY tester iKINESY works on 2 levels only YES or NO; if the body remains strong the answer is YES, if the body goes down the answer is NO. For example you can try all your body with Tesla Purple Plate and found the best place where collocate the plate.

Every time you use iKINESY, the O-ring is moved by the upper cylinder and is positioned at a certain level: this position corresponds to your energy level at the time of detection. Comparing the different positions of the O-ring with respect to the scale always allows you to identify what strengthens you and what weakens you.

The tester adult model is 8.5 cm long.

The tester is equipped with an anti-rotation guide so that it cannot be disassembled by inadvertently rotating the parts.

The tester is necessarily made of ABS plastic as a metal system would have short-circuited the two fingers used for the test.

With iKINESY you can test food, ambients, products, remedies and all… The only limit is your fantasy 🙂

LOOK: the tester iKinesy is of easy use, but MUST have a basically information about kinesioloy, this is important that you know. The user manual is for the use of ikinesy not for lern/teach the kinesiology.

The User manual is in 6 languages: english, italian, french, spanish, russian and germany.

For information about the use, please visit ore website:

iKINESY is a trademark of Gruppo Indivisibile srl Italy

Video in italian: