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L.E.G. Mirror Tesla Purple Plate Rectangle card 8,5x5,5 cm - made in italy

Rectangle card LEG MIRROR Tesla Purple Plate


Rectangle LEG MIRROR Tesla Purple Plate – credit card 5,5 x 8,5 cm (2.16 x 3.34 in)

Rectangle Tesla Purple Plate Mirror series in an exclusive international production and has a wire on black color.

A wonderful news from Italy: a mirror effect on a Tesla Purple Plate. Painted with a alimentary special varnish, this model is the best in the world, see the video in home page for the mirror effect; this is a short example:

Mirror effect on MIRROR LEG Tesla Plate

Mirror effect on MIRROR LEG Tesla Plate

LOOK: each plate is produced at hand by italian artigian after a strong work; diformities due to the nature of the paint and the surface of the plate and these things make it even more artisan made in Italy.

See description below…

SKU: 9500000053286-small

Product Description

Made in Italy, our plates are produced by our supplier with an esperience of +30 years. This serie MIRROR is painted with an incredible mirror effect, it’s a special worldwide exclusive fro Italy. Beware of imitations.


Life Energy Generator

walking on energy

The sizes of credit card Rectangle are 8,4×5,4cm; this item is very easy to wear or carry; infact some our customers are also wearing it around the neck. It can be also used to energize food and drinks, but also in many other ways like all our products. This is most elegant device, you will see nice reflex from it.

The wire is in black color and pure cotton Made in Italy.
With the item: english user guide, aluminium hologram L.E.G on the package and L.E.G. brand printed to impression (embossed) on the plate:

LEG certification

LEG certification

Beware of imitations.