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Tesla Purple Plates – FAQ

Although Tesla’s Purple Plate has been on the market for about 50 years, that are still a lot of user’s questions that need answering. Precisely for that reason we have decided to write this article, that will help you find answers to your doubts about Tesla’s plate and Tesla’s disc.

Is Tesla’s plate really an invention made Nikola Tesla?

No. Tesla’s plate is a invention made by Ralph Bergstresser, who invented first purple plate 28 years after Tesla’s plate, according to research and work done by our great scientist. Precisely for that reason, Bergstresser called it “Tesla’s plate”, out of gratitude toward Nikola Tesla. Besides – Bergstresser often came to Tesla’s laboratory, as an assistant, and later a great friend to Nikola Tesla.

How does Tesla’s plate works?

Tesla’s plate and disc behave as antennas and transmitters for tachyons-universal energy that surrounds us. Tesla countless of times mentioned universal energy that powers us all. Purple plate creates a really strong tachyons field that heals, and speeds up the regeneration process, reduces pain and swelling, mitigates injures, etc. You can read more about tachyons here.

Are there fake Tesla’s Plates?

There probably are. Every serious manufacturer on his website has provided information on how to manufacture Tesla’s Plates. Production process is not a secret and can be found in out and foreign and domestic websites. Tesla plates can be made by anyone, it’s just practically impossible to do in household conditions and larger financial investments are necessary to purchase required equipment. There are 2 ways to manufacture it: single layer and double layer. With single layer process of production only anodization is used, while with double layer process after anodization process electrochemical coloring process in applied. Purple plate provides the same results in both cases, but often plates produced with single layer process get scratched up and fade away in the Sun. Precisely for that reason two layer technology is used – to prevent scratches and UV rays. Our products are made with double layer technology.

Original Tesla’s Plate is the one manufactured by Ralph Bergstresser, and every other (including ours) are made using a process he established in 1971. THE PATENT: the maker of Tesla plate, Ralph Bergstresser never wanted to patent Tesla purple plate because for create a plate of Tesla is necessary apply a natural physical effect; for this reason is impossible patent the plate of Tesla by anyone. There are some other manufacturer that compete over Tesla plate and claim it as their own, but this is not the truth. Anyone claiming to own the original TPP is committing an abuse.

You can more information about this here – Truth about Tesla’s plate.

There are over 20 manufacturers of Tesla’s plate and disc in the world. Some of them are located in: USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, India etc. Manufacture process is slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer, it mostly about the shade of purple color, shape and size, but the basic principle is the same.

Can I wear Tesla’s Plates as much as I want?

Yes, absolutely. When it comes to this type of products – you can wear them as long as you want without any consequences. Since purple plate started to be manufactured there was no reports about any side effects. Only specificity is when it comes to insomnia. Considering that we are all relatively of different bioenergetics potential – some users can use Tesla’s plates entre night, while other “overcharged” with energy and after a while leave it next to the bed and quickly fall asleep (5-15 minutes).

Can I use Tesla’s Plate if I have a pacemaker or stent?

Yes. Tesla purple plate doesn’t have almost any magnetic properties and does not influences the functionality of a pacemaker because it functions based on a principle explained above.

Does Tesla’s Plate need to be “recharged” or “emptied”?

No. Tesla’s Plate act as antennas for energy, so there is no need for any type of maintenance, charging and emptying (as is the case with crystals). You can wipe them with a cloth, but that is about it – considering that it is smooth to the touch and hardly gets dirty.

Does size of Tesla’s Plate and disk matter?

Depends of many factors. If you keep the plate and disk near you or on a painful area – then that is enough. Further away from you it is – logically – positive effect is reduced. If you live in a space where there is a lot o radiated energy, WiFi devices etc., then it is best to keep it with you at all times. Whichever way  you use it, positive effect can be felt by anyone and the more you use it the greater the benefits.

Can Tesla’s Plate be broken?

Already we received this question: important is not destroy the surface of the metal of the plate; on our plates we have a layer (second layer) of varnish and this protects the surface of metal.

What is the expiration date?

Tesla’s Purple Plates don’t have an expiration date.

We hope that we have managed to answer most of your questions and doubts.

For any other questions regarding Tesla’s plate or disk- we are at your disposal.

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