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Worldwide user experiences about our Tesla Plates

User experiences review trough e-commerce


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User experiences review trough e-commerce

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User experiences review trough e-commerce

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Facebook User experiences

Mare experienceSabou Tesla purple plates experienceBranka Tesla purple plate experienceLori - Tesla plate experience

Translation: Milos Blagojevic

I’ve had it for several months, the change is obvious because I feel much better and have more energy! This is the real deal. I have nothing but words of praise for the seller, everything went without problem, pure ten!

Translation: Isidora Geleban

My father got his plate as a present and he says he feels the difference, he is in a much better mood and more relaxed. His blood pressure is lower, although medications were not able to help in that regard. I have been carrying it since yesterday and I believe it will improve my life quality. Nothing but praise for the seller because he really took the time to explain to me the purpose of owning this product.

Translation: Slobodan Banja MIlosavljevic

I’ve had it for about fifteen years. I use it occasionally and it really helps me with my heart condition and rheumatism.

Translation: Tanja Petkov

I had problems with insomnia, but since I keep my Tesla plate under my pillow I sleep like a baby.

Translation: Sandra Beserminji

I heard good things about Tesla plate and I intend of seeing for myself.

Translation: Nemanja Radojkovic

When I go to bed I put the disc around my neck and sleep much better and have more energy.

Translation: Slavica Filipovic

I got mine plate as a present about ten years ago, I and always use it when I am in pain.

Translation: Svetlana Gorgievska

I have one and I am absolutely pleased – for a good night of sleep, relaxation, good mood. I am really satisfied. Respect!

Mirko Experiencetesla purple plate 1tesla purple plate 2Jordana - Tesla purple plate experience

Translation: Stefano Charlie

I felt the change in only one hour, little less than an hour since I put the plate around my neck. I am going to call my father, because he has problems with back pain and rheumatism, and give him one plate. Yesterday, when I used Tesla plate I felt a change after only half an hour. I called my father to ask him does he feels any changes, he said that his back pain is gone after only an hour. He is very pleased.

Translation: Tatjana Jovic

Jovan, I wanted to thank you on the Purple plate, and to share my experience regarding its use. For days I have been having strong pain in my back, the pain was sharp and spread to both legs, and the pain was even worse when I tried to walk. When I placed Tesla purple plate on my back I was really surprised, the pain in my legs was instantly gone. Flashing and stabbing pain in my back was gone after couple hours. It really is hard to believe, but is it TRUE, Tesla plate fixed my back. Now, that several days had passed since I started to use it, only sometimes I fell slight pain in my back.

Translation: Dobrila Valetz Ilic


I have been using it, and I am thrilled.

Translation: Jelica Bozinovic

I have been using it since it first appeared in pharmacy stores, I got it as a gift. No one believed me at work that it is effective, but when my coworkers were in pain they asked me to lend them my plate and they saw for themselves.

Translation: Suzana Bandic

I had Tesla plate long time ago but I gave it to someone and since then I have not been able to by one. I can personally vouch that it does work and helps with pain. I am so happy I found another one. Best regards!

Translation: Teslina Purpurna Ploca

What other kind of experience do you have?

Veronika Nedimovic

Headache disappears instantly after placing Tesla plate on my forehead.

User experiences from USA and Macedonia

Translation: Mare Bojkovska

Good morning. I have a question, my brother was visiting with his friends yesterday, so I explained to him the essence about these plates, and as they exited the house his friends said that they had such a good time they practically fell asleep. I am expecting a horde of people that will want to come to my place.

Translation: Mare Bojkovska

He said that his friend showed up and since she had a headache she asked for some aspirine. He didn’t took any, and she asked him what is that thing around his neck, he gave her something to read, she took off his plate and her headache was gone in 15 minutes.

Brianna C. , Nixa, USA

Translation: People recommend it for every problem. I personally guarantee that it helps with many problems like depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, rheumatism and also lifts up physical and mental energy, enhances intuition and improves a sense of wellness. Do not think twice if you have any problems. It helps in many ways, depending on the problem and difficulty of the same.

Tomislav A. , Kumanovo, Macedonia

User experiences that we got trough e-mail

(Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina):

Translation: I can tell you that I am feeling the effect. Today, I was feeling energetic and had a beautiful day, those plate really changed my life. I am carrying it everywhere with me, its effects are miraculous,…just the color… it improves my mood and I have the feeling that it is making want to be more active, that my energy has improved…I hope those the effects from the plate and not just a good day. But, now I have the time to test it and observe the changes. Thank you once again, and keep sending those plates out into the world. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Emil H. , Zagreb, Croatia

Translation: P.S. I have been using this late for several days and I must admit that “results” are interesting. You can expect an order of a large plate when I receive my next paycheck.

Dejan G., Smederevo, Serbia

Translation: TAMARA

It is extremely good, I have been using it for several years, and I plan on buying an ever bigger one when I get my paycheck. I really recommend it to everyone, it helps with everything.

Bye 🙂 🙂

Tamara I. , Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

User Experiences that we got through a phone call (Serbia):

“I am doing a job that is very demanding and stressful and I have decided to try Tesla disc. It is amazing how much it can relax you if you put it around your neck.”

                                                                                                                                                                Milan T., Belgrade

“I have a knee injury from youth, when I played volleyball. I tied Tesla plate around my knee and since then I wear it every day. The pain is gone!”

                                                                                                                                                                Milena B., Krusevac

“I don’t have any health issues, but I use the large plate to see how it will act while I meditate. I lie down, place it on my chest and enter Alfa state almost twice as fast”

                                                                                                                                                                Darko I., Novi Sad

“Thank you for manufacturing these products. First time when I placed it my forehead, the headache went away after 20 minutes. Warm recommendation from me! ”

                                                                                                                                                                Marija T., Subotica

“I cannot get sleep very often. I get up at night… I place the plate underneath my pillow. Since then my insomnia problems disappeared.”

                                                                                                                                                                Ivana M., Kragujevac

“I often had pains in lower back and since I placed Tesla purple plate on the painful area – I walk and feel normal. Since then I don’t leave home without it.”

                                                                                                                                                                Mirko B., Nis

“Somehow I feel more positive; I am more cheerful and get up more easily.”

                                                                                                                                                                Branislav V., Kraljevo

“I placed a small Tesla purple plate underneath the bed of my baby. I can tell you that she sleeps peacefully and doesn’t wake up at night. My husband does not believe in it, but I will continue to use it.”

                                                                                                                                                                Ivana J., Novi Sad

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